sculpture in the community

Sand Palace Arts approached Green Links to work in partnership on a project with ‘youths at risk of dissaffection’ at Pembroke Secondary School.

Sand Palance Artist Robert Jakes worked with a group of eight students, first looking at images of traditional carved totem poles and discussing the importance of these carvings for the local community.

The group worked on initial ideas depicting imagery that was important to them. On one pole an owl, a lurcher, a trainer kicking a football and a breaker. And, on the other, a shield with a phoenix, a shield with the devil and a boat, the face of a black panther and an ipod.

Students went on to model their designs in clay and then, from these sculptural ideas, they started work on the timber, marking out the designs with chalk. At the end of each day, the larger areas were marked out for removal with the aid of the chainsaw prior to the next carving session.

Working with Mr Owen, a technology teacher at the school, we incorporated a solar panel on the top of each pole. This connected to a movement sensor, which would light up a set of LED bulbs in the eyes of the owl and the black panther.

We gathered together on the last day of term before Christmas to raise the totem poles and bolt them in their temporary positions at the Green Links building.

Construction work is going on to create the new ‘skills centre’ at the school, where the poles will eventually be installed on the new entrance gates.

This project was funded by the Social Risk Fund and administered by the WCVA.

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graffiti art project, spring 2008

Sand Palace Art worked with young people to create large-scale artworks using acrylic paint, marker pens and spray cans.

Taking inspiration from graffiti art around the world, young people drew designs which were enlarged using an overhead projector onto sheets of exterior plywood.

The resulting pieces of work were very expressive and vibrant. The people involved got a lot out of working on such a big scale giving them confidence to express themselves freely and to enjoy using colour.

A group of five young people from Pembroke school worked together to produce five giant cut-out figures that were put up on the exterior wall of the Green Links building in the grounds of the school.

The project was funded by the Social Risk Fund.

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