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The work of samesky, a community arts organisation based in Brighton provided the inspiration for a series of memorable lantern processions at festivals and events in Pembrokeshire. Artists from Sand Palace Arts created large scale pieces (some the size of a Mini), including: a pair of celtic swans with cygnets; a giant japanese fish and a range of pieces inspired by the Home Front. Sand Palace Artists worked with community groups to make smaller scale individual lanterns. The lanterns, made from withies and tissue paper can be lit up with candles or battery powered lights. The photo galleries show how spectacular and enjoyable lantern processions can be.

milford haven lantern procession 2007

Sand Palace Arts worked with seven primary schools in Milford Haven and the surrounding area to create hundreds of fish lanterns for the Milford Haven community carnival illuminated procession in December 2007.

These lanterns accompanied four large lantern ships made by Sand Palace Artists.

This project was funded by the Communities First Trust Fund, Milford Haven Port Authority and Milford Haven Town Council and Chamber of Trade.

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pembroke dock festival 2005

Stories from local people, remembering war-time life through the second World War, provided the starting point for a highly unusual set of lanterns. The Sand Palace Arts group designed and built, amongst other things: a wash-tub lantern, a line of washing lantern (‘no automatic machines then’…we heard that many times), a wartime ambulance and a giant garden fork lantern (digging for victory), accompanied by carrots, a snail and a robin on the handle.

A tug-boat lantern was also designed and its construction was featured on Art Attack the children’s TV programme. The procession was taken through the older parts of the town and ended by the Napoleonic fort and museum on the town’s shoreline.

A DVD was made about the project, which was distributed to local schools, museums and libraries. The project was supported by the Heritage Lottery "Home Front" fund.

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pembroke festival 2003

Giant illuminated celtic swansFor the first Pembroke festival, accompanied by a samba band playing specially composed music by James Crisp, at least two hundred people of all ages carried their lanterns along the waterside of the old Pembroke Mill and Castle pond. On reaching the huge illuminated swans and cygnets floating under the castle, everyone’s lantern was placed over the castle quay walls making a spread of unforgettable reflections that lasted into the small hours.

The project was funded by the Social Risk Fund.

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narberth winter carnival 2003

This giant illuminated fish was made for the Narberth Christmas carnival. Surrounded by all the small lanterns Narberth people had made, eight people held the fish aloft, two others moved the head and fore-fins in a fishy fashion. Powerful Japanese drumming accompanied the whole procession on its fantastical way round Narberth.

The project was hosted by SPAN and funded by Japan 21.

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