Sand Palace Arts is able to benefit from the individual networks and enthusiasms each of us brings to their work. From this several projects have been undertaken highlighting the work of organisations that focus on ethical matters, the environment, heritage or aspects of conservation. Sand Palace Arts has a good feel for making these issues visually alive and thought provoking.

Working alongside Global Connections is an example. One World Week is a nationally celebrated event for local groups to work across boundaries of culture, ethnicity, gender and creed, and to recognise that we are part of one world in combating inequality and discrimination.

One project addressed aspects of separation, being exiled or a refugee. Using materials often utilized in temporary shelters, secondary school children recorded everyone they knew to say hello to, pets included. The numbers surprised them, emphasizing how communities can be fragmented and how they can survive.

Another project highlighted the complexities and injustices of trade. The artist and primary school children investigated the processes from raw material to finished product. The children made small moulds depicting the growth, harvesting and processing of the cocoa bean and filled them with fair trade chocolate (Yum!)

one world week neyland 2006

One world week in Neyland shared the theme "Mind the Gap" with the rest of the UK and used the cultures of the Caribbean as a focal point. Sand Palace Artists made carnival costumes and carried out participatory workshops with community groups, bringing carnival onto the streets of Neyland as a finale to the weeks activities. The project was a partnership between Global Connections and the Neyland One World Week Committee.

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fairtrade fortnight 2006

Global connections commissioned Sand Palace Artists, Pip Lewis and Josie Coggins to work with schools and youth clubs in Milford Haven to make banners and a giant football to mark fairtrade fortnight.

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one world week 2005

The theme for this One World Week was "Promises, Promises" and the cultural focus was South East Asia, China and Japan. Pip Lewis and Josie Coggins carried out workshops in schools and with youth and community groups in Neyland, making hand held shadow puppets. Two giant shadow puppets also featured in the big parade through Neyland.

Another aspect of these workshops was the making of hundreds of hand shaped feathers, promises for action from all over Pembrokeshire, which were collected and attached to a giant mythical Phoenix, made by Toby Downing.

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