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Since it was formed, Sand Palace Arts has invited Artists from all over the UK to share their skills and experience with Artists, living and working in Pembrokeshire.

Kites and wind driven things

Steve Brockett is a master kite-maker who made his living making, exhibiting and flying his kites at festivals all around the world. Steve ran the first ever master class for Sand Palace Arts providing an opportunity for local artists to learn the skills to create sculptural kites.

Extraordinary shapes notwithstanding , the kites joined a very hi-tech kite flying day at one of the local beaches where they flew eccentrically but brilliantly.The kites then went on tour, exhibited firstly at the Stackpole Centre then in the atrium of Pembrokeshire College and on to Theatr Mwldan in Cardiganshire. Steve returned the following year to develop this theme with a workshop exploring the creation of wind driven things.

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John Varah from samesky a community arts organisation in Brighton was one of the team that created the extraordinary closing ceremony for the commonwealth games in Manchester. Amongst other things, samesky are well known for "burning the clocks", an annual lantern procession in Brighton.

The masterclass focussed on basic lantern making techniques, different methods of lighting them and the health and safety requirements that need to be considered. The outcomes of this workshop have been shared with thousands at a series of memorable and spectacular lantern processions across Pembrokeshire.




The internationally known Coed Hills Rural Artspace collective near Cardiff shared their yurt making expertise with Sand Palace Arts. In one amazing weekend at the Stackpole Centre, the team - from scratch, cut, shaped, drilled, tied, fixed and lifted the timber pieces for this beautiful structure.

No high-tech tools were used and Coed Hills said it was the quickest made yurt they’d seen. Mention must be made of Rob Jakes’ home-made steamer for bending wood. Funding for the project came from NIACE Adult Learners Week

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Found sound

Adrian Wiggens of Cardiff-based 'BIGBEAT' ran a weekend masterclass to explore the potential of found objects for making great sounds. The class led to the formation of a processional band to accompany Pembroke Festival Dragon Procession in 2005.

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